Just make your own futuristic lamp! *-*

If you want a new cool idea, just try this one here 😀 😉 Its just lovely and you will be the only one, who have that lamp even because you did it by your-self but also nearly nobody will know about that beautiful design 😉

  1. Follow the instructions on the picture…
  2. … and your ready to light your home ❤

Hope you will like it ❤efd313ce5e3e65da7c6baae77e949acd


Make your own Kitty Bookmark! <3

Just make your own sweet kitty bookmark, and you won’t forget to put it ever again ❤

  1. Draw the Kitty by yourself or look up for a other one, that you could like
  2. Cut it out on the edge
  3. using a graft knife, cut around the bottom half of the Kitty’s face
  4. Separating the Kitty’s face from the outline, slip your new lovely bookmark over the page you wist to return to ❤

Hope you will like it 🙂 ❤9c79c192f886ba670ed97e9ffbf59fb6

Lovely room decoration *-*

You can make easily your own name or only one single letter with this lovely method , to make your home,room or favorite place more beautiful.   Try it and you will love it!!  You can add fairy lights to it, if you make a name or something else. It will make all  more cozy and it will look lovely in the dark. Just DIY


Try something new and make your own ideas, think out of the box!! you will love it ❤

Super funny DIY lamp with old toys :D

118fbd04c7a23219f6c38caf24895db2I don’t have any kids, and I’m still kind of way to young for some ( 😀 ) , but I really like this lamp *-*  I found it together with some other Ideas to re purpose children toys  🙂 So if you are like me and you don,t have kids (yet)…..

  1. just use the old toys from yourself or from your siblings, take a look by your friend or look a little bit around.
  2. Spray all the toys with one color
  3. stick them to a old lamp….
  4. …..and your ready ❤

The most  important thing is that you use your creativity 😉

Have fun with those lovely ideas! 🙂 ❤